Whether you have a busy commute or love to take long trips on the weekend, having a vehicle that is ready to take on the road makes life easy. That’s why keeping up with routine maintenance is so important. Making sure your tires are rotated and your oil is fresh can help your car handle whatever you throw its way. But how do you know when your vehicle is ready for an oil change?

Getting an Oil Change: The Basics

There are 2 very simple ways to know if you should get an oil change that don’t require you to do a lot of investigating. First, check your dashboard. Modern vehicles are built with sensors that can tell when it’s time for an oil change, whether it’s because your current oil is worn out or because it’s been too long since your last one.

The second basic way to see if you need an oil change is in the glovebox. Take a look at your vehicle’s manual and see what it says. Your manual is packed with information specifically about your make and model, so let it be your guide. If you don’t have a copy of your owner’s manual, you can look one up online.

See for Yourself

Another way to tell how your oil is holding up is to take a look under the hood. Using your dipstick, check the oil level and quality. The oil should be a nice amber color. If you notice it is dark and thick, you may be witnessing the buildup of sludge. Sludge can cause serious damage to your engine and will wind up costing you a lot of money, so if you think something’s wrong, bring it in for service right away.

Watch for Problems

If you don’t take preventative measures, your vehicle is sure to let you know when something is wrong. Old or depleted oil can cause your engine to overheat and release a burnt oil smell into the air. It can also cause your car to stall or make a loud knocking noise as you drive. If any of these symptoms sound familiar, your oil might be the culprit.

Let Parkway Volvo Take a Look

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