From road trips with the family to your daily commute to work, your Volvo works hard for you. That’s why you’ll want to make sure it can perform its best with regular maintenance. Read on to see how regular car maintenance can help save you money down the road.

Save With Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Improved fuel economy

With routine car maintenance, you can boost mileage by up to 4%. One of the best ways to get the most per gallon is by taking care of your tires. Uneven tread wear can negatively impact your mpg, so be sure to have your tires regularly rotated throughout their lifespan.

Underinflation can also decrease fuel efficiency. Have the pressure checked each time your car is serviced. If you routinely manage tire pressure on your own, be wary of overinflation as well. While it may increase your fuel economy in the short term, it may also increase the likelihood of a flat.

Fewer costly repairs

One of the biggest reasons to put your Volvo on a regular service schedule is to prevent damage to key parts over time. Get your oil changed to help minimize stress on those valuable engine components that keep your vehicle running. Oil thickens and burns off faster with age, so replenishments help minimize friction and overheating.

Another way to prevent damage to your car is by going in for regular car washes and waxes to help keep dirt and grit from damaging your pristine finish.

A safer ride for everyone

You can also prevent potential accidents with routine tune-ups. Keep you and your passengers safe by ensuring critical parts like your brakes are properly maintained, and your wiper blades and washer fluid are in check.

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With regular care, your Volvo sedan, wagon, or SUV can drive like a dream and help save you money. Give your vehicle the attention it deserves by knowing when to have the oil changed, replenish the fluids, rotate the tires and have other routine services performed. If you’re unsure, check out our handy online maintenance schedule tool to see when your vehicle is due for a tune-up.

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