Before you hit the roads this summer, continue reading to learn some common headaches to avoid so you can get the most out of your family road trips this season.

Summer Driving Tips for Wilmington Families

Schedule a Tune-Up

According to AAA, summer is prime time for tire blowouts. Heat from outside causes the air inside the tires to expand causing unwanted pressure on areas where your tires may have worn thin. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your tires changed or rotated, now is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Other common car troubles in the heat of summer include overheated engines, dead batteries, and air conditioning malfunctions. Be proactive and schedule a quick inspection or tune-up so you can hit the road with confidence.

Plan Ahead

One of the main reasons travelers are tempted to speed or drive less safely than usual is because they are running late to a deadline or appointment. Summer traffic is notorious for being congested due to a higher number of travelers on the road as well as increased road construction.

While you cannot control heavy traffic or traffic jams, you can prepare by leaving a bit earlier than usual to give yourself a little wiggle room in your schedule. Avoid being caught off guard with hungry, antsy passengers by packing a few extra snacks and entertainment in case of unforeseen delays. This will help to ease the temptation to push the speed limit.

Minimize Distractions

Now that the chill of winter is behind us, runners, cyclists, and motorcycles are taking to the roads in greater numbers. Teen drivers with little experience behind the wheel will be out on summer break. Even vacationers who are unfamiliar with your roads or traffic patterns may find themselves distracted as they drive.

Remain aware of your surroundings and do your best to minimize distractions as you drive. Doing so will ensure you can react quickly to avoid a possible collision.

Schedule an Inspection in Wilmington, NC

Don’t be caught off guard this summer. Schedule an appointment with the Volvo service center at Parkway Volvo. Our team will ensure your car is prepped for the heat wave ahead. If it’s time to upgrade your ride, we also have new Volvo cars for sale in Wilmington, NC. Give us a call today to learn more or drop by our dealership to schedule a test drive.