As summer gives way to autumn, some of our favorite traditions return: picking pumpkins, watching football, and hiking through the woods. Adding vehicle maintenance to your traditions is a great way to protect yourself against the colder driving months ahead.

Review these four maintenance tips for fall weather to keep your vehicle running safely, reliably, and efficiently.

Fall Weather Maintenance Tips

Check tires and brakes

When the leaves hit the ground and combine with cool temperatures and fall rains, it can be a recipe for disaster. Your tires and brakes are responsible for delivering your stopping power. That’s why you’ll want to make sure that the tread on your tires is sufficient, and that the brake pads aren’t worn. Ensure that your rotors cracked or warped and that you have ample brake fluid in the lines. Doing so will give you peace of mind when you have to stop on wet, leaf-covered roads.

Grab all-weather floor mats

You love the plush, elegant interior of your Volvo. Protect it during the fall and winter months by installing all-weather floor mats in the footwells of your vehicle. These mats are durably built and corral all the mud, dirt, debris and water until you empty them out. They also shield the carpets of your vehicle from the mess. 

Start it up

Your battery is critical to starting your vehicle. If its capacity is diminished or the connections are damaged, your car will have trouble starting on cold days. Check your battery for corrosion, inspect and clean the terminals, and check the cables for cracks or breaks. If you notice any of these or performance issues, bring it in so we can thoroughly inspect it.

Get the oil changed

By getting the oil in your vehicle changed in the fall, you’ll be set up for optimal, fuel-efficient performance during the coming months. You’ll have clean, fresh oil in there, and if you opt for winter-grade oil, it will move smoothly through the engine components even if the temperatures drop significantly.

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